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CNC Hydraulic Press Brake
Swift Series

Hindustan Hydraulics with its 25 years of long experience in manufacturing of CNC hydraulic press brakes guarantees a product with engineering excellence, reliability & performance with precision for long and extensive use.


  • Machine is designed with down stroke press beam working.
  • Rigidly welded steel frame ensuring minimum deflection under load.
  • Full electronic synchronization with advanced proportional valve technology to ensure continuous monitoring and correction of the press beam and precise control of the parallelism through CNC system.
  • Press beam parallelism and positioning is monitored through two high resolution linear glass scales.
  • Very accurate and precise stroke depth adjustment to accuracy of ±0.01 mm.
  • Y1-Y2 beam tilting provision of upper press beam upto±10 mm.
  • Off-centre bending facility on machine without any damage to the guiding system.
  • Operator friendly features like direct angle programming, angle correction, automatic tonnage calculations, speed controls, stroke length adjustment, dwell/hold time adjustment, decompression distance and decompressions speed, programmable backguage with retraction ensures flexibility and very low set up and time.
  • Graphical programming, graphical bend sequence and blank length computation ensures ease of operation.
  • Single set machining of the frame structures guarantees in very accurate parallelism along the length of the machine between the lower table and upper press beam.
  • Adaptability to modular tooling system and application friendly 60mm table.
  • Safety regulations as per the norms.
Hindustan Hydraulics - Best CNC Hydraulic Press Brake Machine Manufacturers in India (Swift Series)

CNC X Axis Backgauge

CNC X axis backguage is driven on dual ball screw though AC servo drive. The backguage ensures a positioning accuracy of +/- 0.1 mm with 100 % repeatability. R & Z axis are manually adjustable as per the requirements. Backguage values are programmable through the CNC controller with retraction feature. The flip type designed backguage fingers reduces the friction between the material and fingers during the bending operation.

Hindustan Hydraulics - CNC Hydraulic Press Brake Manufacturers India (Swift Series)

Features of CNC Controller 'ESA' Italian Make

Hindustan Hydraulics - Best CNC Hydraulic Press Brake Machine Manufacturers in India (Swift Series)
  • Graphical 7" LCD TFT display
  • 2D graphical editing of tools & product
  • 128 MB silicon disk
  • Programming of all axis position, angle programming, backguage and bending tonnage
  • 2 Serial ports Rs232
  • USB memory

Manual Anti Deflection System (Optional)

Machine can be equipped with manual crowning device with hand crank and read out positioned on control side of the bed. The ADS works on special profile wedges will take care of deflection of machine, tooling wear and tear and spring back of the material to achieve accurate bending results over the entire bending length.

Standard Scope of Supply

  • CNC graphical control unit-ESA Italian make
  • AC servo Backguage X axis
  • Dual ball screw drive
  • Range 0-550 mm
  • Accuracy and repeatability ±0.1 mm
  • R and Z axis manually adjustable
  • Two flip type fingers
  • Upper Punch adaptor with quick clamping & wedge adjustment
  • Lower V Die adaptor for 2 v die
  • 2 nos adjustable front support arms
  • Side & rear guard for safety compliance
  • Foot pedal with emergency switch
  • Set of operational manual
  • Basic machine is complete with all electrical & Hydraulic safeties

Optional Accessories

  • Manual Anti Deflection System
  • Additional Backguage pedestals
  • Wider table
  • Toolings as per application requirements

Specifications may change due to technical alterations / upgradations.

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