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Info No. +91 8725007917

NC Hydraulic Shearing Machine
Harrier Series

Hindustan Hydraulics with its 25 years of long experience in manufacturing of NC Hydraulic Guillotine Shears guarantees a product with engineering excellence, reliability and performance with precision for long and extensive use.
Hydraulic Guillotine shears from Hindustan Hydraulics meet the highest demands of the sheet metal industry. Output cutting , quality and efficiency with precision being the decisive criterion. The strong and rigid construction combined with easy and safe machine operations, ensures a long service life. Very precise machining of the fabricated structure guarantees working surfaces to achieve blade clearance of required tolerances.

Rapid blade setting mechanism

The adjustable eccentric pivots of swing beam permits rapid setting of the blade gap clearance within seconds. The pivot is rotated until pointer corresponds to the thickness of the material to be sheared. This setting is only necessary at one side of the shear as it automatically adjusts blade gap over the entire machine length. The cut results achieved are very precise & burr -free. The fast return of the cutter beam is assisted through the charged nitrogen accumulator.

Due to simultaneous withdrawal of backguage & cutter beam, the cut pieces do not jammed between two blades or between blades and backguage stopper.

Hindustan Hydraulics - Heavy Duty NC Hydraulic Shearing Machine Manufacturers in India (Harrier Series)

Advantages of Our Shears

  • Rapid blade gap adjustment
  • Low maintenance-compact and reliable hydraulic system
  • Cutting line illumination
  • Very accurate NC Backguage system with accuracy of ±0.1 mm
  • Adjustable stroke length
  • Hydraulic clamps interlocked with cutter beam
  • Fine adjustment of blades with blade fixtures
  • Burr-free & distortion free shear results
  • Shearing accuracy results better than DIN Standards
  • Swing away backguage feature
  • Experience of over 1000 supplies

Schneider Controller (Optional)

Hindustan Hydraulics - Heavy Duty NC Hydraulic Shearing Machine Manufacturers in India (Harrier Series)

Optionally available NC shear enables all the required and desired parameters like blade gap, stroke length, backguage & no. of strokes etc. to be set through NC Unit. The backguage in this particular case is on dual ball screw with AC servo drive. The material library stroke counter and parameter storage are standard features of the NC controller. All the required correction in any working parameter can be directly given to the controller.

Electrical blade clearance is accurately adjustable through NC controller, as per the parameters fed like thickness & UTS of the material to be sheared. The mechanism is very quick and accurate even after long use. Possibility of accidents due to manual adjustment is negligible.

Standard Scope of Supply

  • Set of shear blades mounted on the machine
  • NC controller Schneider touch
  • NC backguage 10-1000 mm on hardened & rolled dual lead screw.
  • See through finger guard
  • Shadow line facility
  • Rapid blade gap adjustment
  • Foot pedal unit
  • Stroke length control
  • Squaring arm-1 mtr-1 no.
  • Complete machine with hydraulic and electrical safeties
  • One set of operational & maintenance manual

Optional Accessories

  • CNC Controller
  • Electrical blade clearance
  • Ball screw backguage with AC servo drive
  • Squaring arm of different length
  • Support arm of different length
  • Handling rollers
  • Synthetic cups
  • Tumbler stops
  • Angle indicator
  • Material handling options
  • Pneumatic sheet support systems
  • Sheet support cum stacking system
  • CE Marking

Specifications may change due to technical alterations / upgradations.

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